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About JFIF File Type

JFIF file format stands for "JPEG File Interchange Format" which uses jpg compression on a bitmap. Cameras used to save images as Jfif but now most of them use jpg. If you read online, Jfif is nearly obsolete but that has not been our experience at PosterBurner. We still see this format uploaded often.

About PNG File Type

PNG file format stands for "Portable Network Graphics" and it was made to replace the ".gif" image format. In most use cases, PNG is similar to JPEG, but it supports transparency and does better with text and line art. For photos the quality is usually the same as jpg, but the file size will be higher.

What Is PosterBurner Image Convert?

PosterBurner image convert is a free tool that lets you easily convert an image from one format to another.

For example, if you want to convert a pdf into a jpg image, you can upload your pdf file, select jpg as the "to file type" and submit.

We do have an image size limit of 20MB or smaller. And if you'd like to improve your converted file, you can checkout our free tool to improve image quality.

Why Does PosterBurner Have a Free Image Converter?

Our customers asked us to change image formats for them, so we made a tool to easily convert between file formats. We decided to make it a free online image converter tool so that our customers and future customers have an easy self service tool to change file formats.

How Long Does it Take to Convert an Image?

Most image conversions take 20-30 seconds. If conversion volume is heavy, it may take a minute or longer. If you would ilke a copy of the image sent to you, enter your email after the file conversion is complete.

Please save the file. The image link generated will be active for two weeks before it is deleted.

What is PosterBurner?

PosterBurner is a service that turns your images into beautiful prints. We offer custom posters, frames, canvas printing, decals, cell phone cases, banners and more.

Holiday Shipping

Holiday Shipping Times & Cut Off We are currently able to ship all print types in time for the holidays, but the sooner you order, the better. Shipping companies are advising to ship packages for holiday delivery by December 16th. Many packages shipped after the 16th will still arrive in time for the holidays, but they are not guaranteeing it. While we do not have full control over the shipping and transit times, here is our best guess at the realistic cutoff dates. West Coast: Order by December 16th Central: Order By December 20th East Coast: Order by December 21st