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Five Iconic London Posters

Created On: 3/3/2016

Whether you just returned from a trip to London or you're looking for a gift for a traveling friend, London is full of iconic locations that make for great custom posters.

Big Ben

Big Ben has captured the imagination of children across the globe. The large clock tower is part of the palace of Westminster and has become an international symbol of London.

London Eye

The London Eye is a gigantic Ferris wheel where customers get into a glass encased pod and travel a single rotation over the course of 45 minutes. The extreme height allows the entire city of London to be surveyed and photographed.

Red Buses

London is famous for its ubiquitous red buses shuttling tourist across the city.

Tower Bridge

Both the Tower of London and Tower Bridge are massively popular sites to visit. The bridge is one of many that cross the Thames river and has become another symbol of London.

The Tube

Mind the gap. If you choose to travel on London's subway, or Tube, you will be told to mind the gap at every stop.

These images are just a few options for making custom posters and custom canvas prints from your trip to London. In a city as large and historically rich as London, the possibilities are endless.

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