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PosterBurner and the Battle of the Cats

Created On: 6/5/2022

How We Started PosterBurner (Part 6)

In all my life, I've never had an enemy.

I never even had a person I didn't like.

But that all changed during PosterBurner's Battle of the Cats. 

The Storm

There was a winter storm.  

The streets were frozen over and my car was covered in snow.

I was at the office late finishing up a big canvas order, but it was time to go home.

When I stepped outside, there was a white cat standing right beside the door.

But this wasn't a normal cat.  She was thin, ragged, and looked like she hadn't eaten in a week.

She didn't run.

She must have been freezing and starving, and she was taking a chance that a person might be able to help.

I knew I needed to get her some food.

At this point, my knowledge of cats and what they eat came from cartoons.  So I went back into the office and microwaved some milk.

I took the milk and some dog food and left it out for her.  

When I came back in the morning, the food was gone.  The next evening when I was ready to leave the office, the cat was back again.  

I left some more food.

And again the next day she was back, but this time with a friend.

This went on and on and come to find out, there was a colony of a dozen wild cats that were all starving, bedraggled, and living off scraps in the nearby dumpsters.

And after I found out they were there, I couldn't just let them starve.

So everyone at PosterBurner started taking turns feeding them.  We'd hide the food in the bushes out front so they could come and eat when they were hungry.

But by doing this, I set in motion a conflict that would span two years and would end in us finding a new office.

I'll explain how that happened in the next post.

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