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10 Affordable Custom Printed Promotional Products to Market Your Business

Created On: 6/6/2019

10 Affordable Custom Printed Promotional Products to Market Your Business

If you run a business, you know that quality marketing and promotional materials can be the difference between thriving and failure. Getting your name out there and building word-of-mouth is just as important as delivering excellent products or services because customers need to find you before you can wow them.

Luckily, advances in printing have made high-quality custom marketing and promotional materials accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes and budgets. You can upload your logo, designs, or photos to to create eye-catching, shareable, and buzz-generating banners, flyers, and etc.

Below are 10 different options for custom-printed marketing and promotional materials that you can use to spread the word about your biz and attract new customers.

Promote Your Business with Custom Printed Marketing Materials

Custom Printed Marketing Banners

Banners are an effective way to broadcast your promotional message because they are large; durable, and reusable. With the right design (hint: no dates or “aging” info) you can use them for marketing your business for years to come.

Banners are an excellent option to make a bold statement about your biz when you participate in conferences, seminars, conventions, or local community events. Show your brand’s personality at parades, festivals, farmer’s markets, and charity events, to name just a few. A banner helps your business present a clean, professional image while spreading your name to new customers and demonstrating your standing as a thriving business.

Unique and Eye-Catching Flyers

It’s almost impossible to grow your business if you sit around waiting for customers to come to you. Promotional flyers are a fantastic way to reach out to local prospects by distributing them in areas where your target customers work, live, and gather without being pushy or obtrusive. You can easily upload your design and print quality, professional looking promotional flyers with your logo and contact information with our custom flyer maker. Put all those home-printed pull-tabs on the message boards to shame.

Printed Post Cards

It may be the era of instantaneous communication, but good old-fashioned snail mail is still a terrific way to reach out to prospects and follow up with your existing clients and customers.

Using custom printing, you can create postcards that support a variety of brand awareness and customer outreach campaigns, including appointment reminders, satisfaction checks, and promotional coupons. These high-quality marketing materials help your business stand out against the junk mail and make sure customers notice and remember your message.

Eye-Catching Branded Yard Signs

Yard signs used to be reserved for elections, realtors, and landscapers, but in recent years, they’ve emerged as cornerstones of successful, memorable, and inexpensive local marketing strategy. Custom printed yard signs are great for reaching out directly to prospects in their local area and can be collected and reused several times. Signs can be placed near your business, in strategic high-traffic areas, or near work that you’re especially proud of to help you target your local marketing in the best possible way.

Attention-Grabbing Posters

If your business does something really cool and visual, there are few better ways to get people excited about your brand than a big, wall-sized poster. Using a custom poster printing service, you can upload photographs of you and your team at work, something really cool you’ve accomplished, or your logo to create stunning pieces that you can display around the office, distribute to customers, or use as part of an advertising campaign. Of course, printers can easily add words and contact information to ensure that your posters don’t just grab attention, they communicate a message.

Help Your Customers Spread the Word with Custom Printed Promotional Materials

Branded Tote Bags

Tote bags are exceptional promotional items because they’re highly functional and therefore, likely to get used – which means the public sees your brand or message. As more and more counties and states establish bag taxes at the grocery store, many consumers are looking for extra cloth bags, which means their trip to the store is an advertising or promotional opportunity for your business.

Totes make the perfect giveaway for employees, prospects, or customers. Give them out at events where event participants will need them to carry all of the other promotional items they receive.

Custom-Printed Bookmarks

If you’re a reader or have one in your family, you know that favorite bookmarks are precious and get held onto for years. Unique, custom printed bookmarks make cool promotional gifts because avid readers use them often. Seriously, I have personally started a conversation with a stranger over their choice of a marker.

Since readers use their bookmarks often and take them everywhere with their books, a promotional bookmark keeps your business in the consumer’s mind and increases the chance that you’ll be the first person they call when they need your products or services.

Branded Business T-Shirts

There’s no street-level marketing strategy more American than the custom-printed t-shirt. Businesses ranging from software companies to punk rock bands have used t-shirts to grow their brands and delight their fans for decades, and with custom-printing, any small business can create a branded shirt to spread the word or create an inexpensive team uniform.

Like tote bags, t-shirts are exceptional promotional items because they get used in public, in the communities where they were distributed and beyond, to naturally build curiosity and awareness for your business in the area you’re targeting.

Conversation-Starting Keychains

Keychains are an inexpensive but impactful promotional giveaway. All adults and most adolescents have keys, and every single one of those folks needs something that makes their keys easy to carry and find. If you’ve got an eye-catching logo or a business name that makes a statement, creating custom keychains for your business is a great way to get your brand in people’s hands – literally – and turn each person holding one into a mobile promotional platform.

Branded Mousepads

Like so many of the items on this list, mousepads are fantastic places to put branded messaging because they are necessities of modern office life. You can use custom branded mouse pads in your office to create a professional vibe; send them home with your employees or customers to make seeing your logo part of their daily routines, or make them part of your giveaway packages for partners, distinguished guests, or charity events.

Whether you’re looking to expand your company, build your brand, create a sense of team, or generate buzz with some swag, PosterBurner is here to help you create custom-printed promotional materials that attract eyeballs and make it easier to get your name, logo, and contact information in the hands and minds of prospective customers.

With just a few clicks and upload of the images you’d like to use, you can easily create collateral to support a variety of direct outreach and word-of-mouth marketing campaigns through PosterBurner. If you’re just starting a business or looking to ease into promotional materials without committing to placing a large order, Poster Burner is the perfect custom-printing partner, as we love to fulfill orders of any size.

To get started on a custom-printed promotional project for your business, check out the variety of options on!

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