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15 Unique Holiday Gifts to Delight the Special People in Your Life

Created On: 11/1/2019

15 Unique Holiday Gifts to Delight the Special People in Your Life

During the holiday season, it can difficult to find gifts that are both affordable and unique. However, at PosterBurner you can create high quality printed gifts that are 100% personalized without breaking the budget or maxing your credit card.

Custom Photo Phone Cases

Your cell phone isn’t just a communication device anymore – it’s an important lifestyle accessory and a way to make a statement. Using custom printing, you can create a one-of-a-kind cell phone case that matches your friend, family member, or colleague’s personality using photos, patterns, original works of art, or any other image file.

Personalized Canvas Prints

Anybody can print a photo at the pharmacy and stick it in a card, but if you’re trying to send a memory to someone you love or care about this holiday season in a way that’s truly impactful and unique, canvas printing is the way to go. A custom canvas print gives any picture the look and feel of a painting, creating striking décor centerpieces without the price of an artist’s commission.

Custom Puzzles from Photos

Puzzles are a classic way to bring the family or office together around the holidays for some well-deserved fun. With just a few clicks online, you can create a unique jigsaw puzzle featuring a photo, logo, or image you upload, adding a special or personalized flair to puzzle time.

Custom Printed License Plates

If you’ve got a friend or family member who lives in the garage, loves car culture, or has a distinct vehicle, a customized license plate is a thoughtful holiday gift that speaks to both their hobby and personality. You can hang a printed license plate on the wall indoors or outdoors or display it on the front side of your car for the ultimate in mobile swag, depending on state laws.

Personalized Photo Bookmarks

No reader can ever have enough bookmarks! If you’ve got a bookworm in your inner circle, a custom-printed bookmark is an inexpensive and unique stocking stuffer that they’ll actually use and cherish for years to come.

Custom Stickers

People love stickers – they’re a grabbable, sharable way to spread your enthusiasm and passion out into the world. With custom printing, you can delight your kids or impress your colleagues by creating durable, high-quality reusable stickers featuring characters, slogans, or images that they can’t find at the store.

High Definition Aluminum Metal Prints

If you know someone whose design aesthetic is too rugged or whose lifestyle is too rough-and-tough for a canvas printed photograph, metal printing using aluminum provides a strong, equally striking alternative. Aluminum prints contain ultra-vibrant colors, which means they jump off the wall and bring holiday cheer to even the toughest dads and grandpas to please.

Custom Dog Tags for Pets

Proud pet parents don’t want their furry friends to be left out of the holiday festivities. If you’re hoping to spoil your pet this holiday season or just have a friend whose fur baby deserves something special, custom printed dog tags provide a strong, long-lasting way to show off a dog or cat’s fashionable style and protect both them and their owners in the event they get separated.

Custom Die-Cut Decals

Looking to immortalize someone special’s wedding, sports memory, or hilarious blooper from last year’s holiday party? Using custom printing, you can give your friend or loved one the professional treatment by turning that dynamic image into a life-size reusable decal that’s easy to put up and take down on almost any flat surface without damaging paint or drywall.

Customizable Men’s Tees

Do you have the perfect idea for a personalized tee guaranteed to win big at the “ugly sweater party” or a one-of-a-kind shirt for your pal based on your favorite inside joke? You can use custom printing to make those shirts in small batches to meet your holiday shopping needs without getting stuck with ten or more shirts like the big companies want you to order!

Custom Key Chains

Just about everybody over the age of ten has keys they need to keep track of, and if you’re hoping to deliver a gift that’s both useful to the recipient and economic for you this holiday season, a personalized key chain is a great way to go. By simply uploading a photo or graphic logo and choosing a shape, you can create something that speaks to that person’s love of family, hobbies, sports affiliations, and so on.

Personalized Holiday Ornaments

Decorating is at the heart of the holidays, and there’s no better way to become part of your friends’ and families’ yearly traditions than to give them a little piece of yourself in festive form. You can easily turn a great photo and a short message into a durable metal ornament that will last for decades, creating an eye-catching reminder of your shared love and holiday spirit.

Custom Printed Tote Bags

If you’re hoping to give someone a practical gift that they’ll use all year, it’s hard to argue against the classic tote bag. With the gift of a personalized tote bag, you give your friend or loved one the gift of convenience, while also providing them with a beautiful canvas print of their favorite photograph, logo, or image.

Printed Vinyl Wall Murals

Wall art plays a huge role in tying rooms together and creating a unified design aesthetic, but many people who live in apartments, dorms, public housing, and so on have to miss out on making their space their own for fear of harming the walls – even during the holidays. If you know someone whose space needs some punch or whose walls need some non-damaging holiday décor, a reusable printed vinyl wall mural offers a big visual impact with minimal physical distress.

Custom Posters

Putting something on a poster makes it feel special and larger-than-life, whether it’s a movie, an event, or a landscape. This holiday season, you can make the kid, athlete, or performer in your life feel valued and appreciated by turning them into a custom printed wall poster that immortalizes their accomplishments just like those of the greats.

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