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Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Photo Collage

Created On: 2/1/2020

We all love to fill our homes and offices with photos that remind us of happy times and beautiful memories.

Like this one:

Mountain pose photo

If you’re looking to display photos around your house but don’t want to clutter every tabletop with a standing frame, a photo collage is a great way to do it. Unfortunately, for those of us who are less crafty, making an eye-catching collage is pretty tricky, right?


Thanks to custom printing, anybody can create a photo collage poster that shows off a wide variety of your favorite pictures without any artistic skills.

What is a photo collage?

A photo collage is a piece of wall art that displays a variety of images printed onto a single piece of paper. Collage posters provide the simplicity and tidiness of a single sheet instead of requiring you to print individual pictures, cut them up, and paste or pin them together (as you would for a standard collage).


Photo Collage


That means you can get all your favorite photos into a single poster frame without any fuss, mess, or wasted time.

What you can achieve with a custom collage poster

A collage poster is an excellent opportunity to get thematic. You can use any photos you want, but collages turn out best when all the pictures share a theme or color scheme.

Got some great pictures of your kids you’re not sure how to display? Transform them into a poster you can hang in a shared space to bring a smile to your face and show everybody how much you love your family.

Were you the person who took a ridiculous volume of photos at a friend’s wedding or graduation? Print a poster collage that they can hang now or keep in the tube until they’re ready to relive those memories and celebrate them in a new way.

Been snapping pictures at a young athlete’s games since the first time they laced up cleats? You can make a collage poster that shows off your pride and gives them the professional treatment by getting their favorite action shots up on the wall.

Or you could even make a cutout decal of your athlete.

How do you make a photo collage poster?

Creating a stunning photo collage with minimal artistic skills is easier than ever, thanks to custom printing.

To print a collage on PosterBurner, all you need to do is select the size of your poster and upload the photos you’d like to include. You’ll use our photo editor to rearrange the images any way you’d like. You can also add text, background colors, resize images, etc. to give it a custom look.

Once that work is complete, PosterBurner completely takes over, creating a photo collage poster with the highest possible image quality in a gloss or matte finish based on your design goals. From there, we can roll that poster into a tube and ship it to you, or we can put it into a custom frame that’s put together just for your collage.

Print posters, collages, and more with PosterBurner!

Our name may be PosterBurner, but we also provide a wide variety of custom-printed products, from dog tags and keychains to t-shirts and yard signs. If you’ve got a design goal or marketing giveaway need that requires custom printing, we’re your one-stop-shop for printed materials!



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