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How PosterBurner Got Too Big for Our Britches

Created On: 10/22/2022

When we got our first sale at PosterBurner, I was the happiest person on Earth.

And over 15 years later, that feeling has never gone away.

(if you missed the story of how we started PosterBurner, here it is)

When someone trusts your business enough to make an order, that means something.

So when PosterBurner doubled in size overnight, I thought the rest of my life would be a never-ending series of great days.

But that isn't what happened.

At first we could keep up with the orders coming in.

But just barely.

Then one by one, little setbacks would pile up.

One day it would be the internet going out for a few hours.  The next day it might be a printer going down or supplies being delayed.

Before the growth spurt we could shrug it off.

But now these little bumps in the road would set us back to where we couldn't catch up.

At the same time, the post office and shipping companies were being slammed just as hard.

Shipping delays were rampant.

Tractor trailers full of mail would line the streets outside sorting facilities.

Sometimes it would take weeks for them to get a package processed through.

And everyone hates shipping delays.

Our customer service was overwhelmed.

And the production team was breaking down physically.

Something had to give.

We needed an answer.

And to find that answer we needed to go on a quest.

So we packed our bags, and we went to Vegas.

I'll explain why in the next post.

Rick @ PosterBurner

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