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How to Hang a Custom Banner

Created On: 4/7/2019

Hanging Custom Banners

Printing a custom vinyl banner is a great way to display a message about your company, brand, team, or family without breaking the bank. However, once that great-looking banner has been created many people are left wondering about the best way to display or hang it. The truth is that the best approach varies depending on the style of your banner and where you want to hang it!

For Banners with Grommets:

Method 1: In-Ground Banner Frame

An in-ground frame is a great way to hang a custom banner outdoors because it provides the security and support your banner needs to look great and stay in place, regardless of weather.

Buy One:

If you’re looking for a clean, professional-looking way to display your banner outside, it’s hard to beat a metal frame explicitly created for the job. Banner frames come in a variety of sizes, heights, and shapes, so it’s important to know what you want your banner display to look like before you start shopping.

Build Your Own:

If you’re a project-loving DIY-er, creating an in-ground banner frame using directions from the internet is pretty straightforward. All you need to create a simple setup are some poles or PVC pipes of the appropriate length, an anchoring system (like some buckets of cement), and a few bungee cords or cable ties.

Method 2: Using Rope

Rope is the most time-tested and traditional way to hang a banner, but achieving a good result is a multi-person job. Once the lengths of rope are attached to each grommet, two people (or even three, if you want to add a spotter) need to work together to make sure each length of rope is tied off securely in a way that helps your new custom banner hang in a level, flat, readable manner.

Method 3: Using Cable Ties

Cable ties are great for situations where you’re attaching your custom banner directly to an existing framework, like a chain link fence at a sporting event or a tent frame at an outdoor festival. When it’s time to put your banner away, clean-up is as easy as cutting the ties and throwing them away!

Method 4: Using Double-Sided Tape

Many people have custom vinyl banners made for outdoor events and then want to continue to display them inside afterward. Strong double-sided tape or adhesive picture hanging strips are an inexpensive and secure way to transition a banner from outdoor to indoor use. Note: Be sure your banner is nice and clean before putting it on display inside!

For Banners with Pole Pockets:

Method 1: Wall-Mounted Bracket

If you’re looking to display your vinyl banner in a dramatic, highly-visible way indoors or outdoors, it’s hard to beat a wall-mounted pole or bracket. With just a few screws or bolts, you can attach either a single pole that will let your banner flap in the wind or a two-pole bracket that will keep your customer banner secure and easy to read.

Method 2: Banner Stand

Thanks to the promotional products industry, there is a wide array of different portable, collapsible, and semi-permanent stands for pole pocket banner just a Google search away. When shopping for a banner stand, it’s crucial to know the exact dimensions of your banner, understand where the pockets are located and have a strong vision for how you want the displayed banner to look.

Method 3: Using a Trapeze Bar

A trapeze bar is a special pole with upward-facing eyelet screws on either end. Once the trapeze bar is in your banner’s pocket, you can attach a cord or picture wire to the eyelets and hang your banner from a nail, ceiling grid, or any other secure anchor point. If you’re looking to maximize versatility for your pole pocket banner, the trapeze bar might be the way to go!

If you’re looking for a custom vinyl banner for your event, business, or team, we’d love to help you create something unique, attention-grabbing, and durable. Before you order, be sure to think about whether you prefer a grommeted or pole pocket banner, as that will directly impact your display options.

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