Tips For Determining Best Poster Size


How To Tell if Your Picture Will Make a Good Custom Poster

The most frequently asked question we get from our customers here at is “will my picture look good as a poster” and “what size poster do you recommend for my photo.”

Here is a quick guide to check your picture quality and select an appropriate size.

If you would like to read a more in depth article see our definitive guide on how to choose the best poster size for your image.

ONE: Determine the size of your digital photo

The easiest way to figure out what size posters will look good when you make your own posters is to check the size of your picture file.

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Check the field for “Size.” For a large poster (24x36 inches), you will want the size of the file to be in the range of 500 KB to 10 MB. For smaller prints like 18x24 inch posters, you will want to make sure the picture is above 250 KB.

Keep in mind that these recommendations are just a quick way of ball parking what size of poster you should get. There are cases where smaller photos will look good on larger prints, but these numbers will serve as a good reference if you are unsure about what size to get.

TWO: Height, Width, and DPI

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The quality of the custom poster you get is going to depend on a combination of the height, width, and resolution of your photo. If both your height and width are greater than one thousand, and your resolution is 72 dpi or higher, you are pretty safe for a good print.

Standard Poster Sizes

The most common poster sizes in order of popularity are:

24 by 36 inches
18 by 24 inches
11 by 17 inches
30 by 40 inches
40 by 60 inches

Note that at the higher end such as 30 x 40 or 40 x 60, you will need an image that is at least 2000 pixels on each side. But even if your image isn't that large, sometimes we can make it work. Its best to email us the image to review in that case.

Movie Poster Sizes

For movie size posters, people usually mean either 24 x 36 inches or sometimes 27 x 40 inches. 24 x 36 is the most popular size so when we refer to a "movie size poster," that is the size we use.

Poster Board Sizes

For posters with foam board backing, sometimes call poster boards, we make them at any size up to 30 x 40 inches. With poster boards the poster comes attached to a 1/4 inch thick foam board. There is also a DIY method some customers use to make foam board posters. You can go to Lowes or Home Depot and get them to cut shower board in the store (at no cost), get spray adhesive, and attach your foam board to the shower board yourself.

Expert image review is best when looking at the right poster sizes for printing your specific image

If you are still unsure about whether or not your picture will turn into a great poster, click on the contact us bar above and send us your picture by email. We will load it into our printing software and give you a recommendation for how to best create your own poster online.