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How We Started PosterBurner and Took the First Step

Created On: 4/3/2023

We went viral.

I filmed our team making a canvas print.

And it got 2 million views.

(If you missed that story it is here)

But that wasn't our first time going viral.

The first time we went viral helped us start PosterBurner.

To explain, I have to jump back in time a bit.

When I was in school, I made short movies.

After I got out of school, my dream was to make a real movie.

But I didn't have any money.

I needed a job.

I thought it would be cool to work on film sets.

So I found some guys who worked in the film industry and asked them for advice.

And I kept asking.

Eventually they helped me get a job as a production assistant.

On a film set, a production assistant does all the stuff no one else wants to do.

One day it might be blocking traffic.  

The next day it might be lugging around gear.

But my career as a production assistant got off to a rough start.

On my very first job, I was asked to drive a big truck full of equipment across town.  

I took a turn too tight and hit a power pole.

Like this guy:

On the second job I was asked to block off a street.  

A car full of teenagers got through my blockade and ruined a scene.

They yelled at me over the radio.

But eventually I figured it out.

And I worked long enough to save some money.

Pretty soon, I had a shoestring budget for a movie.

So I got with my brother, and we came up with a plan.

I'll explain what we did next in next week's post.

Rick @ PosterBurner

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