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How We Started PosterBurner and Made a Movie

Created On: 5/7/2023

Things never work out the way you expect.

My brother and I planned to make a movie.

And after a boss tried to bully me at work, we decided it was time to start filming.

(If you missed that story, its here

We made the movie.

It was called "Prospect."

And it was a documentary about baseball.  

We were able to get many famous baseball players and coaches to be in the movie.

Here is what the DVD cover looked like:

Once the movie was finished, I ordered 1000 copies of the DVD.

I wanted to order 10,000 copies - I thought it was going to sell like hotcakes.

But my brother talked me out of that.

Then I set up an advertisement in the sports section of USA Today.

And a pretty soon it was release day.

I woke up early and drove to 711 to get a copy of the paper.

I flipped a couple of pages and there was our ad.

It was a half page advertisement and it leapt off the page.

I thought we'd sell at least 1000 copies in the first few hours.

I went home to my apartment to man the phones and take orders.

For the next two hours,  I sat in front of my computer clicking refresh.

And not a single order came in.

Not a single phone call.

The website had to be broken!

Then about three hours in, we got our first order.

By mid afternoon we were at three orders.

And by the end of the day, we sold 12 DVDs.

I was decimated.

Only 12 people!

I went to bed that night thinking I had failed.

And nothing in the world made sense to me that night.

But there was something I didn't know.

Even though only 12 people ordered the movie when I expected thousands, some of those 12 people would end up making the movie a success.

And they would lead us towards starting PosterBurner.

I'll explain how in the next post.

Thanks and if you need anything or have any questions, just let us know.

Rick @ PosterBurner 

And if you're new to the story of how we started PosterBurner, here is the start.


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