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How To Make An Amazing Poster - Part I

Created On: 11/6/2010

Do you have a specific image that you want to make a poster from but it's just too small? Have you tried searching for a better version but didn't find anything? Well there is a new image recognition service called TinEye that might just be the answer to help you make posters online.

TinEye is a reverse image search engine. That means instead of using keywords that you type into a search box it uses the digital makeup of your image to find similar matches across the internet. All you have to do is upload the original image (or transload it by pasting in the url address) and you will be shown a list of matches sorted by accuracy, largest file size, or image differences.

Custom poster before TinEye

Above is a relatively small version of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. It has a resolution of 337x500 pixels, which is not too small but there will be some blurring if I were to print this image at 24x36 inches.

List of custom posters on TinEye

I submitted this picture to TinEye and in under a second I had 5219 similar results. The largest of which was 1600x2388 pixels, that's over five times the resolution! That will make a very big difference in the sharpness and color contrast of my poster.

I've been using TinEye personally for the last few months in combination with Wikimedia to find the sharpest version of some very cool and sometimes very rare images. I will be continuing the "How To Make An Amazing Poster" series next week with a look at some of the best browser-based image editors. I hope you enjoy this tool and use it to help you create your own poster.

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