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Poster Worthy People - The Decorated Soldier

Created On: 4/18/2024

This is the most decorated soldier in US history.


His name was Audie Murphy.

He was born in Texas to a family of sharecroppers.

When he was young, his father abandoned the family.

Then when he was a teenager, his mother died.

So he left school in the 5th grade and went to work in the fields to support his family.

Then the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Audie Murphy decided to join the war.

The only problem was he was too young.

But his sister helped him make a fake birth certificate.

It worked.  But then he was turned away for being too small.

But he kept trying and eventually joined the Army.

And right away he saw action.

He was scouting in Salerno Italy with 2 other soldiers when they got ambushed by Germans.

The Germans killed one of the soldiers, but Audie and the other soldier used grenades to take out all of the attackers.

Then he was sent to France.

Upon landing, his platoon was attacked by German soldiers.

After a battle, two German soldiers came out of a house and pretended to surrender 

Audie's best friend went to capture them.  But they pulled out their guns and killed him.

Audi grabbed his machine gun and made them pay.

He charged the house by himself, took out 6 enemies and took 11 prisoners on his own.

In another battle, his platoon was advancing with a tank into German territory.

The Germans scored a direct hit on the tank and disabled it.

Audie ordered his men to retreat to the woods.  Then he jumped on top of the tank - which was on fire - to use a machine gun. 

He stayed on the flaming tank for an hour shooting the machine gun and holding off hundreds of German soldiers and tanks.

Once he ran out of bullets, he joined his men in the woods and continued to fight.

He was like a blockbuster movie hero, except he was real.

But in the real world, there was a price to pay after all of those battles.

Audie Murphy suffered from PTSD for the rest of his life.

He slept with a gun under his pillow and his relationships suffered.

But he forged on and became a Hollywood actor.

He appeared in more than 40 movies.

And he worked with Hollywood stars like James Stewart and director John Huston.

Then in 1971 Audie Murphy died in a plane crash in Virginia.

He was buried with honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

So many Americans came to pay their respects that they had to build a special walkway.

And someone who put their life on the line over and over again, sacrificing their life long mental health for our country, is most certainly a poster worthy person.

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