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Poster Worthy People - The Soldier of Liberty

Created On: 4/19/2024

It is possible to get honorary citizenship in the United States.

But only 8 people have ever gotten it.

And this guy is one of them:

His name was Casimir Pulaski.

And he is a big reason we have a country today.

His military career started in Poland.

He joined an uprising against Russia's puppet regime.

And he quickly made a name for himself - both in a good and a bad way.

His fellow officers considered him a hot head, and he would routinely get in trouble for ignoring orders.

But he was really good at recruiting soldiers.

When the revolutionaries in Poland needed more men, he rode his horse over to Lithuania and returned with 4000 fresh troops.

But eventually the revolution in Poland failed, and Casimir Pulaski was banished.

He ended up penniless in France, which is where this guy found him.

Ben Franklin saw that Casimir was a talented solider.

And that he would fight for freedom.

So he convinced Casimir to come to the United States to fight with the Continental Army.

Casimir sailed to Boston and soon found himself on the same battlefield with George Washington.

It was the Battle of Brandywine Creek, and the Continental Army was losing badly.

The British moved to cutoff their escape.

And if the British were successful, they would decimate the patriots.

Washington ordered Pulaski to grab any men he could find and secure the army's retreat.

He made a heroic charge at the enemy and accomplished the mission.

And throughout the war he continued to show his skill and dedication to the United States earning the nickname "The Soldier of Liberty."

Then he paid the ultimate price for freedom.

He was shot and killed during a cavalry charge during a battle in Georgia.

But a man born in Poland who travels across the world to fight and die for the freedom is definitely a poster worthy person.

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