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Poster Worthy People - Hedy Lamarr

Created On: 4/16/2024

Hedy Lamarr was a Hollywood star 

She looked like this:

And she was in movies with the most famous people in Hollywood.

Like Clarke Gable.

And James Stewart  

But Hedy Lamarr was more than just an actress.

She was also a genius.

When she was young, she was good at math.

And her dad was fascinated with machines.

He would take her on long walks and explain to her the inner workings of car engines and printing presses.

That interest rubbed off. 

She started taking apart clocks and music boxes at her house to figure out how they work.

Then she would put them back together.

But when she became a teenager, she was discovered and became a movie star in Europe.

Later she would go to Hollywood.

In Hollywood she became a household name.

But while she was acting, she never stopped inventing.

One of her early inventions was a new design for traffic lights.  Her design is the basis for the the traffic lights we have today.

Then she met Howard Hughes.

Howard Hughes was a famous aviator and he was trying to design a faster plane.

Hedy had an idea.

She went out and got a book about birds and a book about fish.

She took the wings of the fastest birds and the fins of the fastest fish, and made a sketch of a new type of airplane.

And Hughes used that as inspiration to make faster planes.

But the invention she is most known for is frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology.

It was a way for submarines to guide torpedoes that was impossible to jam.

She got a patent for it and some people claim that her algorithm is the basis for the Wi-Fi we use today.

And if you're a famous Hollywood actress that is remembered more for your inventive spirit, that makes you a poster worthy person.

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