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Poster Worthy People - The Street Brawling Patriot

Created On: 4/17/2024

It was a sneak attack.

George Washington and his soldiers crossed the frozen Delaware River on Christmas Day.

And they needed this attack to be a success.

The War for Independence was being lost. 

But George Washington knew if he won this battle, he could reignite the revolution.

And it worked.  Brilliantly.

A big part of why it worked is this guy was in charge of getting everyone across the river.

His name was Henry Knox.

As a youth, he was known as the best street brawler in Boston.

When he wasn't fighting people, he worked at a bookstore.

And when he wasn't selling books, he was reading them.

Then the American revolution happened.

When the war broke out, the British Army was in Boston.

So the patriots laid siege to the city.

Henry Knox joined the siege.

When George Washington arrived to take command of the army, he was immediately impressed with Knox.

The Siege of Boston grinded into a stalemate that lasted 11 months.

Until Henry Knox had an idea.

The patriots had just captured Fort Ticonderoga in New York.

Knox drew up a plan to use ox sleds to drag the long range canons back to Boston.

Then he executed the plan.

The canons ended up making all the difference.

The British fled Boston within days.

And Henry Knox became George Washingtons trusted advisor and best friend for the rest of his life.

You can see him pictured here on the left in this famous painting of Washington.

And when George Washington resigned as commander-in-chief of the army, Knox became the commanding general of US forces.

He is also the person that Fort Knox is named after.

And going from a street brawling book worm to being a founding father of the United States makes Henry Knox a poster worthy person.

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