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Poster Worthy People - The Man of a Hundred Faces

Created On: 5/12/2024

First he turned down one hall and then another.

Then he crossed an iron bridge and entered a maze.

At the end of the maze was a tiny 10 foot square office.

In the office sat a British Army Colonel.

The Colonel was there to tell Paul Dukes why he had been summoned to England.

The reason was that MI6 needed him to become a spy.

Paul Dukes looked like this:

And like this.

And like this.

He spoke fluent Russian and was a master of disguise.

And Russia was about to become a problem.

A communist government had just taken over, and they were getting ready to expel all foreigners. 

MI6 needed Paul Dukes to infiltrate the Russian government and report back.

They took him in a basement laboratory where they showed him ciphers and taught him how to use invisible inks.

Then he was off to Russia.

Once he arrived, he created a fake identity as a member of the secret police.

He used another identity to join the Communist party.

He wrote reports and stored them in a small latex bag weighted with lead.

He would store that bag at the bottom of a laundry washing tub in case his apartment was searched.

Then he would send them back to Brittan through a network of spies.

Through his letters, western intelligence was able to keep up with the inner workings of Russian politics.

And while he wasn't documenting the workings of the communist party, he was rescuing prisoners.

He used disguises and elaborate plots to sneak into gulags and smuggle prisoners out to Finland.

He later returned to Britain as a national hero.

He also became the only person knighted solely for work in espionage.

And someone who infiltrates communist Russia as a spy and rescues prisoners from the gulag is  definitely a poster worthy person.

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