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How PosterBurner Got Robbed (Part 2)

Created On: 8/12/2022

Six people huddled around a computer in a tiny office.  

It was hot, and it was cramped.

But we were all riveted as we switched from camera to camera to track the robber as she moved through our office.

(If you missed part 1 start here)

The robber had left empty handed the first time she broke in.

But she came back.

And this time, she seemed ready to steal.

She found a backpack in my office.  It was one my dad gave me for Christmas two years before.

And she started stuffing boxes in it.

She found a box for an Apple iPhone and a box for a tablet.

They went into the backpack.

But here's the thing - they were just the boxes.  There were no devices in the boxes. 

It got more ridiculous from there.

She grabbed a broken air compressor and lugged it half way from my office to the lobby.

I guess she decided it was too heavy.

Instead, she picked up a big blue canister filled with used ink.

Then she grabbed a stack of shipping labels.

Nothing she planned to steal made any sense.

Here she is with her bizarre combo of loot.

She was getting ready to leave out the front door.

But she stopped.  She put everything down.

And she went to the refrigerator again.

In the fridge was a pan of chicken pot pie that my Mom had made for me.

She dropped it off three days before.  I was supposed to take it home, but I forgot.

And my mom's chicken pot pie proved too tempting leave behind.

The robber dropped her loot, and left with only the chicken pot pie.

And that was the end of the robbery.

She spent hours inside our office only to steal a pot pie.

We were scratching our heads and counting ourselves lucky.

Everyone went back to work.

An hour later, someone came sprinting into my office and yelled:

"The girl is back.  She’s in Jeff’s car right now."

I jumped out of my chair and ran outside.

I'll explain what happened outside in the next post.

Rick @ PosterBurner

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