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How PosterBurner Got Robbed (Part 1)

Created On: 8/7/2022

Last year we had a break in at office.

But it wasn’t a normal break in.

It was bizarre.

And while this is more of a side story in the history of PosterBurner, it was such an interesting robbery that I had to include it.


It was three day weekend.  

Someone left a side door unlocked on Friday by mistake.

When I got to the office on Tuesday, my desk drawers were all opened.

That was odd.

I thought someone must have been looking for a stamp or a key and forgot to close the drawers.

Then I walked out to the production floor and asked our manager if he saw anything odd.

He said yes.  

There was a mess in the lobby when he walked in in the morning.

And that confirmed it.

There was a break in.

So we loaded up the security cameras.

And what we saw made no sense at all.

The Camera Feed

Around noon on Monday, the back door opened and a bright light flooded into the dark office.

Then a figure came through the door.

It was a girl.

She looked to be about 20 years old.

She moved around the room timidly at first.

But with time she grew more bold.

She started opening boxes of poster paper.  She would pull out the roll of paper, and then put it back in.  

Then she continued to do that with box after box of poster paper.  

We couldn't figure out what she was hoping to find.  

It was the first sign that this was not going to be a normal robbery.

Then she moved into the lobby and spent some time going through the refrigerator.

Next she went into my office where she rummaged through my desk.

In my desk, she found a car key.  

She put it in her pocket.

But it was to a car that had been sold long ago.

And then she left.

But the mess she made in the video didn’t match the mess we found in the lobby that morning.

There had to be more.

So we kept the tape rolling.

30 minutes later, she came back.

In the next post (here), I'll explain what happened when the burgler came back.

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