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Five Ideas to Liven Up Your Rooms with Custom Printing

Created On: 10/16/2020

We’re all spending more time indoors this than we typically do, so it’s a great time to think about decorating your space and we have some unique, affordable custom printing ideas??

Indoor rooms shouldn’t just look “nice;” they should create a specific atmosphere that fits your goals for that space. For example, bedrooms should feel tranquil and relaxing, while family play spaces require fun and energy. Those considerations are even more important when you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors and need to create variety within your home to prevent cabin fever.

One way to spice up your interior design approach and help create a distinct sense of place for each room is to embrace custom printing. Let’s look at five different ways custom printing can help you create truly unique items that fit your specific design goals and connect to your home and family in personal ways.

Printed Pillow Cases

Throws and other decorative pillows bring warmth and character to a room while filling out spaces on large couches and chairs to make things cozier. If you’re looking to create a dynamic living room, den, or bedroom that tells your story and helps you relax, printed pillowcases are the way to go.

Creating your custom pillow cases is much easier than it sounds! Just upload any photo or logo into a printing site like PosterBurner and hit print. You can even add captions or text to your pillows to include your favorite slogan or communicate ideas related to your room’s theme.

Inspirational Personalized Posters

Posters are inexpensive and easy to display, which makes them a perfect way to give a room a quick facelift or inject a new positive message without breaking the bank or drilling into the walls. They’re also ideal for kids’ rooms, playrooms, home theatres, and offices.

If you’re hoping to create a fresh, positive indoor space, especially with young people in mind, it’s hard to do better than putting some bright, uplifting, positive posters on the wall. Of course, if you’re looking to create that personalized feel that kids love, custom printing is a great way to turn family photos, memories, and values into fun, impactful wall art.

Durable Metal Prints

Some folks just can’t stand to be cooped up inside, but if you’re looking to create an indoor space that even an avid outdoors person can’t resist, metal prints are a perfect solution. Metal printing takes your favorite photos or graphics and puts them directly onto a rust-resistant stainless-steel plate.

Using metal prints, you can decorate a room in a way that feels rugged or industrial while still showing off great family memories, professional accomplishments, or graphics associated with your work or hobbies. If you know someone who hates frou-frou picture frames or the whole idea of interior design, stainless steel is a perfect medium that feels suitably tough.


Artistic Canvas Prints

For every metal print macho type, there’s someone who appreciates the beauty of traditional museum-style art. If you find the gallery experience relaxing or inspirational, you can recreate that same aesthetic in any room of your house using canvas printing.

Canvas printing turns vacation snapshots, family photos, and memorable graphic design projects into textured, artistic pieces that look like paintings by an old master. There’s no better way to give a room an ultra-classy remodel than by creating your canvases!

Custom Photo Puzzles

Tabletops can be tough to decorate in creative ways. Too often, they wind up cluttered with objects nobody uses or bare in a way that feels cold or uninviting. Jigsaw puzzles offer a perfect solution to both those problems. First, they’re a functional, on-going, fun project; then they become a work of art displayed right in the middle of your table.

 You can make your puzzle even more fun and more impactful as a décor item by making it an image that’s especially relevant to your family, home, community, or interests. Pictures of historic buildings in your town, group photos from family reunions or scenic landscapes you captured on vacation are all great opportunities to create a puzzle that is truly a functional work of art.

More Custom Printed Options

Our goal is to help artists, photographers, and every day people get the highest quality custom printed materials at an affordable price. We’re proud to help our customers create unique spaces using their photographs and artwork.

 If you’re looking to integrate custom printed items into your décor scheme for any room in the house or searching for the perfect gift for a friend, check out our site for some unique ideas!

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