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Frequently Asked Questions
What quality picture do I need?
The picture quality from almost all digital cameras will be good enough to make an amazing poster. We use techniques to minimize quality loss in picture scaling. But if we think the image will lead to a very poor poster, we will contact you before printing and give you the option for a refund.
How long does it take for my poster to arrive?
Posters are almost always printed the same day as ordered and shipped the next business day. Average delivery time is about 4-5 business days after ordering. If you have a rush order, email us at service@posterburner.com and we can give a quote for faster delivery.
Does my image have to be high-res to make a suitable poster?
Moderately high-res images (anything above 72ppi with a resolution around 1000px x 1000px) make the best posters, but smaller images work well too. We use bicubic re-sampling and custom filters to get the clearest possible picture when we create posters. Plus we review the quality of each file and will contact you before printing if the resolution is not high enough.
What is the maximum size you can print?
We are now offering extra-large sizes! We can print posters at any size up to 60" by 1200" (that's 5 foot by 50 feet!) Metric: 152.4cm x 1524cm (1.5m x 15.5m)
Do you offer international shipping? If so, what are the options?
We ship anywhere within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
If I order today, when can I expect arrival?
Our average delivery time within the US is 3 business days. The average delivery time to Canada is 6 business days. To Europe, Australia, and the rest of our supported countries the estimated delivery time is 6-10 days. Rush delivery is available.
Where is my poster shipping from?
We are based in Chesapeake, Virginia USA.
What is the difference between RGB and CMYK? Which one do you use when printing?
Most images and graphics found on the web are in RGB format and all printing is done in CMYK color. If your image is RGB we will set up the pixel depth and overall resolution so it amounts to a certain ratio of the selected dpi (ppi is usually half to 3/4 of the dpi) so it accurately reflects the color saturation and intensity of sRGB. There is no quality loss or color degredation when custom poster printing using RGB or CMYK.
Will my poster have a border?
All our posters come with a standard 3mm white margin around the edges. We are working on adding a "borderless" option to our site, but in the meantime you can email us after placing your order and let us know you would like your poster printed without the 3mm margin.
How exact is my poster going to be cut?
We are very careful about the cutting and alignment of your poster. Once you upload you are given two choices; one is to "print as is" where we will fit the image to your selected print size (and add black letterboxing if it doesn't fit), or you can choose "customize" and use our flash tool to align your poster exactly how you want it. The customize tool will show you the exact printing area for the poster size you chose.
I've wanted this picture as a poster forever. I really can't find a higher quality image than this one unfortunately. What options do I have?
Most low quality images turn out great at a medium size like 16x20 or 18x24. If I were to print a low quality image at 18x24 and you looked at it very closely you would be able to notice tiny uni-color lines called artifacts that are the result of extrapolation. If you were viewing it from 3 or 4 feet away you won't see the artifacts the but it will appear slightly out of focus.

I'd say go for it, only for the fact that if you think it's too blurry when it arrives just let me know and you can swap for a bigger image or get your money back, no questions asked.
Is there a way to have a poster made from a non digital photograph?
Absolutely. You can mail the photograph to our office, address is here. We will scan it, make it into a poster, and ship both pictures back to you. You can email us once the image is on the way with the size and any alterations you'd like to make.
What printing process do you use?
We use Adobe Photoshop © with a couple custom plug-ins to reduce quality loss if upscaling is necessary. Each poster is hand created to match the submitted order exactly (if you customize by adding text, styles, or a template) and is then sent to our large format printer. From there we will cut any excess margins and roll it up into a shipping tube and it's on it's way.
Is there a choice in paper stock?
At PosterBurner.com we only offer high-mil photogloss paper, if you are interested in getting a stretched canvas print please check out our sister site RoyalCanvas.com
Why choose us?
We use high quality heavyweight photo-gloss paper for all our prints.

We only use premium pigment ink that provides exceptional image quality and durability, it is tested to last over 100 years! There is no better way to make your own poster.

We're always here to provide you with the fastest shipping and best person-to-person customer support.
Shipping Notice
If it turns out that the shipping price for your order is dramatically higher than average or if the package gets classified as freight, we will offer the customer the option to pay for shipping or have the order refunded. We do not cover unexpectedly high or freight shipping costs.