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Learn how we take the image size and quality and combine that with the image subject to determine the optimal printing size of any image. If you want to make posters from pictures (or canvas, banners, decals) then this guide will help you determine how large you can go with your image.
This guide on image aspect ratio will help you select the perfect print size for your image, and give you a list of the options when your image size and print size do not match.
When making a poster, the decision between gloss and matte makes a big difference in how your print looks on the wall. Learn about the difference between gloss and matte posters and when to choose each option.
Get inspired with 15 great custom printed gift ideas. From custom posters to cell phone cases, PosterBurner provides thoughtful gifts that will be appreciated and cherished.
Canvas printing is an affordable, accessible way to bring gallery-quality works of art right into your home. Thanks to custom printing, it’s easy to turn any photograph into a vibrant canvas print that has the look and feel of a painting.
Promote your business with custom printed marketing materials. From posters to announce a sale to decals for your store front, or a branded cell phone case, PosterBurner can help you get your message to your customers.
If you are in need of a gift idea for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or any reason, a personalized gift is a cost effective way to get an amazing gift. Here are 6 ideas for custom printed gifts for any occasion.
Here are five classic painters whose work will make great posters. From Monet to Kehinde Wiley, we showcase some highlights.
Get inspiration with five unique ideas for making a custom cell phone case at PosterBurner. Whether its creating a branded case, family images, or a cell phone case for your pet, we have you covered.
This blog post covers popular methods for hanging a custom banner print. From banners with grommets to banners with pole pockets, this article has you covered for display options.
Learn how to hang a custom poster. We review a variety of hanging approaches and resources to hang your custom poster print.
See these 7 cool inspiration posters you can print today, or make your own!
Here are the top 10 movie posters from the year 1990. From Dances with Wolves to Total Recall, this was an amazing year at the cinema.
Here are five ideas for do it yourself marketing posters. Turn your logo and business images into marketing posters and more with these creative and cost effective ideas.
Canva is a great tool to use to create your own poster. So for this post, I thought it might be fun to show you how easy it is to make your own inspirational Poster for your wall using Canva.com.