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Use a transfer request when you need a large file from someone else. When you submit the request, we will send an email to the recipient with a link where they can upload the file. Once completed, you will receive an email notification that the file is ready.
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What Is PosterBurner File Transfer?

Large files can be hard to share or move around. Most email apps have a limit of 20MB for attachments.

So to transfer large files, you need the help of a service. PosterBurner offers this service for free.

All you do is upload your file, name the transfer, submit and you'll get a link to your big file transfer.

Why Does PosterBurner Have a Free Large File Transfer app?

We have to transfer large files all the time when making prints at PosterBurner, so we made a tool to send the large files. And we put it online so our customers (and future customers) can access it too.

What if I need to get a big file from someone?

If you need to get a large file from someone else, you can create a large file transfer request. This will send an email with a link to complete the transfer, and you will get an email once its completed.

What is PosterBurner?

PosterBurner is a website that takes your pictures and turns them into prints. We offer custom posters, frames, canvas printing, decals, cell phone cases, banners and more.

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