Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose PosterBurner for my print? has been in operation for over 10 years and is based in Chesapeake VA, USA. We make our reputation for quality prints and great customer service the focal point of our business.

Every product we offer is printed in house in the USA. With well over 100,000 satisfied customers, you can rely on PosterBurner for your print job.

To see examples of some of the prints we have done for customers you can view our PosterBurner examples page

How long does it take for my print to ship?

Please reference the table below for average time to ship for each type of print. Delivery speed after shipping is determined by the shipping service.

Product Average Production Time Notes
Custom Posters 2 Business Days Rush service available
(24x36 and smaller)
Framed Posters 3-5 Business Days
Canvas Prints 4-5 Business Days
Custom Banners 2 Business Days
Custom Decals 2-4 Business Days Add 2-4 business days if cut decal
Metal Prints 2-3 Business Days
Mouse Pads 2-3 Business Days
Yard Signs 2-3 Business Days
Cards & Flyers 2-3 Business Days
Custom Shirts 2-3 Business Days

For time in transit, please visit

Where do you ship?

We ship everywhere in the US. We also ship to most provinces in Canada and to Puerto Rico. Some larger products have limited availability in HI and AK, PR, and Canada.

Can I do a local pickup?

Yes, after you order email us and let us know it’s a local order. We will then notify you when its ready for pickup.

Where is my poster shipping from?

All orders are made and shipped from Chesapeake, VA USA.

Can I see examples of prints PosterBurner has made?

Yes, you can see examples customers have sent in at our Customer Examples Page.

Do posters come with a border?

There is a very thin border on all the posters (roughly 1/10th of an inch or 3 millimeters). You will have the option before getting to checkout to select a "borderless" option where we will cut the border off the poster for an additional fee.

Keep in mind that removing the border reduces the poster size by 1/10th of an inch on each side. We do not recommend the borderless option for framed posters because the small size reduction will cause the poster not to fit perfectly in the frame.

What if my image doesn't fit the poster size I want?

If your image doesn't fit to the poster size you want, you will get an option to either change your poster size to match the image, or you can customize and fit your image to the poster. If you choose to customize and fit your image to the poster size you want, you will be taken to the customize tool. In the customize tool, you will be able to drag and expand your image to place it on the poster. Here is a video about how to customize your poster. If you decide to change the size of your print to match the size of the image, here is our aspect ratio image tool to find the print sizes that match your image. If you would like to learn more about image aspect ratio you can view our guide on image aspect ratio and print size.

What if I have a physical photo I want to enlarge?

The best way to do this is to first find a local photo scanning service near you. Once you get the image scanned, you can then use the digital version to create a poster, canvas, or other print type.

What process do you use to make posters?

We use Adobe Photoshop in conjunction with other plugins and processes, including some machine learning super resolution techniques, to enlarge your photo to printing size. Our designers will then review the poster to make sure it matches what you ordered and it is sent to the large format printer. Once the poster has printed, we review for any issues in printing. Then it’s rolled up, placed in a protective bag, and inserted into a shipping tube.

What file size or quality of image do I need?

As long as your image is not thumbnail size, we can usually make it work. If your image was taken from a cell phone or consumer digital camera, it will work great. In technical terms, any image that is 72 pixels per inch or greater, and has the height and width both greater than 1000 pixels, will work almost all the time.

Popular online services like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, and others will often reduce the file size of images uploaded there. It is recommended to find the original image instead of using an image that has been uploaded to social media. However, in many cases we can still make it work.

Here is our definitive article on image size when making a poster

What file types do you accept?

JPEG GIF PNG TIFF PSDAI DOC PPT ZIP XLS and many more! If it’s an image and you can’t get it to upload, email us and we’ll get your cart setup for you.

What happens if my file won’t print well?

If a printer sees that an image will not print well, or that it will print better at a different size, they will put your poster on hold. When your poster is put on hold, it will send you an email letting you know and to contact us so we can work together to fix the issue.

What is the largest poster size I can print?

We offer extremely large posters. We can print up to 60 inches by 600 inches (that's 5 foot by 50 feet). As long as the smaller side does not exceed 60 inches, we can print it.

What if I can't find a larger version of my picture but I really want to make it into a poster?

Even low quality images can be made to look good at smaller sizes (such as 16 x 20 inches or 18 x 24 inches). If the image is very small, the small poster may have some pixelation and artifacts when viewed up close, but will look fine when its on the way and viewed from 3 or 4 feet away. We use image super resolution to enlarge photos. You can try out our free tool to improve images if you want to see it in action.

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK? Which one do you use when printing?

RGB color is optimized for electronic screens, and CMYK color is optimized for printing on paper. Most digital files are in RGB format and we have perfectly accurate RGB to CMYK conversion. When printing we will use the embedded color profile that is included in every image file. When deciding which color format to use the most important thing is to make sure your computer monitor is properly calibrated so you have an accurate view of your current color profile.

As always, if you have any issues with the colors on your print, contact us and we will work with you to correct it and make sure your print is perfect.

What are PosterBurner Rewards Points?

PosterBurner rewards points are earned through purchases at and can be applied to future orders. When the points are applied, they will reduce the cost of your new order.

Register your Free Account or Login here. Learn more about PosterBurner Rewards.

Holiday Shipping

Holiday Shipping Times & Cut Off We are currently able to ship all print types in time for the holidays, but the sooner you order, the better. Shipping companies are advising to ship packages for holiday delivery by December 16th. Many packages shipped after the 16th will still arrive in time for the holidays, but they are not guaranteeing it. While we do not have full control over the shipping and transit times, here is our best guess at the realistic cutoff dates. West Coast: Order by December 16th Central: Order By December 20th East Coast: Order by December 21st